False Reports Abound that Dakota Fanning is Banned

Sites like Perez Hilton are abuzz with the false story that Hounddog—the movie in which Dakota Fanning gets raped (in a scene shot when the actress was 12)—is being pulled by “5,117 AMC theaters nationwide.”

A small indie movie featuring child rape was really going to open in more than 5,000 theaters? That sounds…wrong.

Thankfully, Stuart Wood at Cinema Blend has the facts. The original false info was disseminated by “ultra right-wing Christian group Concerned Women For America,” Wood claims. To put things in perspective, Wood points out that “The Dark Knight, the biggest movie of the year, opened in 4,366 theatres.”

So what’s the truth? Hounddog has a limited release in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, and no one is pulling anything—except wool over the eyes of bloggers like Perez.