Hat’s Off, Joel Madden!

What’s this? Good Charlotte dude and eternal bachelor Joel Madden, roaming the streets of Los Angeles sans his trademark chapeau?

This is earth-shattering. The guy always wears a hat. Like, always.

Maybe he heard that constantly wearing a hat can have detrimental effects on a guy’s hairline. or he’s preparing to transition to the latest hot Hollywood trend.

But, still. This is like Elliot Mintz leaving the house without a freakish glow. Or Sienna Miller being caught without a heavy cloud of shame trailing from her home-wrecking butt.

With so little to rely on in this world, Madden’s uncovered pate leaves the human race with that much less to depend on in these tumultuous times.

A moment of silence, please. And take off your hats out of respect. Wonderful.

Not you, Madden.