Mary-Kate Olsen: Ciao Italia!

Recent rumours have Ashley Olsen trying to kick twin millionaire sister Mary-Kate out of the day-to-day business of their fashion line, The Row, due to Mary-Kate’s slothy approach to life.

Ease up, Ashley. There’s time for coffee and a cig! Jeesh.

Anyway, MK must have gotten the message.

Here she is arriving at the aiport in Milan, Italy. Milan is the heart of the Italian fashion industry. Perhaps in an attempt to show sis that she’s serious, she’s flown abroad for some tutelage at the feet of the masters.

Okay, okay—she could just totally be there to shop, get blitzed on good wine and pick up dudes. But it’s a great cover.

Their NYC neighbors must be pleased, though. That’s half of their problem gone for a little while.