Michael Lohan: ‘Samantha Ronson Is Disgusting’

Michael Lohan really hates Samantha Ronson. Or he just really wants to be in the public eye for something, anything. Perhaps hating daughter Lindsay’s gal pal is the quickest road to the spotlight.

Either way, according to the New York Post, Daddy Lohan sent X17 Online an email in which he called DJ Sam “dark, hideous and a disgusting representation of humanity.”

Burrrrn! Michael’s beef with Sam goes deeper than her ability to bring his daughter happiness where he himself—an alcoholic jailbird negligent father—has failed.

MiLo is put off by Samantha’s coarse communication skills: “She uses her middle finger more than she uses words,” he offers.

Also, the conditions in Samantha’s apartment are a little fratty for the distinguished philandering mooch. “For God’s sake, when she runs out of toilet paper, she tells people to use the cardboard roll. (I was told this firsthand),” the Post reports, as per his e-mail. 

For God’s sake, Pa Lohan, is a man of morals.

Linds, through her rep, told the Post, “My father obviously needs to be on medication to control his moods.”

Actually, he probably just needs to be put on the payroll. Give him a juicy reality show and he’ll get out of your hair, Lindsay.