Nicole Kidman’s Miracle Birth

Staunch advocate of motherhood Nicole Kidman has revealed the source of her stealth pregnancy with daughter Sunday Rose: A dip in a waterfall, according to the Daily Mail.

The 41-year-old  actress say that, while filming her upcoming flick Australia, she and other female members of the production bathed in the Kununurra waterfalls of the Australian outback, resulting in a mini baby-boom.
“I never thought that I would get pregnant and give birth to a child but it  happened on this movie,” she recalls. “Seven babies were conceived out of this film and only one was a boy…There is  something up there in the Kununurra water because we all went swimming in the waterfalls, so we can call it the fertility waters now.”

Kidman’s husband, country singer and recovering addict Keith Urban, must be comforted by the fact that his wife attributes her pregnancy not to his virility, but a natural formation.

Stay strong, buddy; at least she included some of your tunes on her birth mix tape.