Pink Gives a Big ‘So What’ to Sarah Palin

Pink’s doing the promotional rounds to ensure that her hit “So What”—which last week topped Billboard’s Hot 100 Singles chart—stays at #1.

But when the maybe-Scientologist guested on Chicago’s B96 FM Eddie, Jobo and Erica morning show, she fired things up with her usual brand of colorful commentary.

When asked if she’d ever enter into a relationship with a woman, as Megan Fox talked about doing in the latest issue of GQ, Pink replied, “I’m not gay, so no. I guess not. I never said I haven’t [experimented with women], but going forward…I like penis.”

Then, as seems to be the case with most celebrities lately, the hog-ridin’ hetero singer launched some verbal missiles over GOP running mate Sarah Palin’s way.

“She scares me…She’s pro-life, which is fine for her, I guess. But she wants the entire world to be, even in cases such as incest and rape. She wants to shoot wolves out of a helicopter. She wants to ruin the wildlife of Alaska and start drilling.”

Well, you don’t seem to be the only one who’s scared, Pink.

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