VIDEO: Megan Fox Is a Real Drip

Megan Fox, stealer of spotlights and lover of all creatures male and female, hits the big screen again on October 3, when How to Lose Friends & Alienate People receives its U.S. release.

Based on the memoir by Toby Young, the film tells the story of a British writer who comes to America and finds success, love, and the long-lost body of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa. Or something. The movie stars Hot Fuzz’s Simon Pegg, so it should be pretty funny.

More importantly, the flick features Fox wading in a pool, which is an important plot point because she gets wet and her clothes cling to her body, highlighting her nipples.

Check out the movie trailer below: 

Wow; if this isn’t the hottest scene in movie history, it’s definitely a close second.

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