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  • helen

    I just lvu u guys n pray u stay together forever!

  • jolene orlowski
    jolene orlowski

    That's so awesome Kendra! U2 are both so lucky to have eachother...true love is uncommon these days. Happy Birthday girl! :)

  • Edlyn urbano
    Edlyn urbano

    Hi kendra! I'm from phils and bilated happy birthday! I'm so happy for the both of you and i love watching your shows kendra.. :-)

  • Omar Z
    Omar Z

    Happy bday Kendra, we are big fns, my gf and i, we always watch your show, we are from Mexicai, Mexico near SD and Tijuana.. Local cable just gives us old episodes but we just watch them all the time, little Hank is so cute, we love you!! Keep it like you are!!