Lindsay Lohan: Falling Off the Wagon?

Just a day after Lindsay Lohan (seen here at Disneyland) was observed looking so fresh, so clean on the set of a Hollywood photoshoot, Star magazine reports that she may be back to her old ways.

The magazine’s sources claim that Lohan’s been drinking, snorting coke and “causing all-around mayhem” very much reminiscent of her pre-rehab/pre-Samantha Ronson days.

“She quit going to Alcoholics Anonymous and has absolutely never taken recovery seriously. She’s gotten progressively worse, and everyone in her life is really scared,” an “insider” says.

Lohan herself is calling these claims “ridiculous” and took to her MySpace blog to combat the charges.

“According to [Star], I am one busy girl,” she snorted online.

Well, she has often been seen slurping down cocktails beside her galpal’s dj booth. Just sayin’.