Paris Hilton vs. Joy Behar: Catfight!!!!

Multi-talented pop-culture sensation Paris Hilton braved the set of The View Thursday. It didn’t take long for things to get nasty, thanks to Joy Behar.

Hilton was appearing to promote her new MTV reality series. Behar was more interested in digging into Hilton’s blink-and-you-missed-it jail stint for vehicular shenanigans.

Acccording to Us Magazine, when the subject of Hilton’s John McCain spoof video came up, Behar snidely offered, “Too bad you can’t vote … because you were in the slammer. My friend was in the slammer and couldn’t vote.”

When Hilton replied that she could indeed cast her ballot, Behar shot back, “Oh, it was just a misdemeanor?”

“Yes, I drove with a suspended license,” Hilton noted.

Oh, snap! In your face, Joy Behar! How’s the view from the floor?

Joy better pick her battles carefully. Hilton wasn’t in the joint for long, but she picked up a few tips and wouldn’t hesitate to cut a bitch with a solid-platinum shiv.

Or Paris just might decide to release the hounds—now that she’s found them again.