U Got the Look, Rihanna!

Whether it’s her “Purple Rain” pompadour or her slicked-down “Raspberry Beret” ‘do, one thing has become evident: Rihanna is copping Prince’s style.

And while Prince turned 50 in June—which is 30 years the Barbadian beauty’s senior—the pint-sized guitar whiz still looks young enough to be Rihanna’s….well, young enough to be Rihanna, actually.

Which brings to mind one question: Has anyone ever actually seen these two in a room together?

And if Prince is really Rihanna, maybe that means she’s not broke after all. Of course, what does that all mean for this? And this?

Suddenly, her turning down Playboy makes a whole lot more sense.

Go on and “take a bow,” Ri-Ri…you certainly are “the most beautiful girl in the world.” Even if you’re, uh, not quite a girl.