Update: Miley Cyrus Admits Selena Gomez Tension–Or Not

Oh No They Didn’t features an excerpt from an upcoming interview that Nylon magazine did with Miley Cyrus.

In it, she admits that there is tension between her and Disney up-and-comer Selena Gomez stemming from Gomez’s alleged relationship with Miley’s ex Nick Jonas, and the public’s perception of Selena as “The Next Big Thing.”

“I think it’s tension more than anything, and the media loves it so they add fuel to the fire by fabricating things. Like when the media says I’m being replaced by [Selena and Demi Lovato] it has a tendency to make things awkward.

Miley continues, “The thing is, all of us are so busy, so we don’t really have time to connect and form a friendship. We all do our own thing.”

Cyrus also says that Nick Jonas isn’t her biggest fan right now after she went public with their former relationship.

“Our relationship has definitely been damaged, because he wanted everything super private. When I opened up about it, he felt out of his comfort zone and [our friendship] became awkward. For now, we’re okay, but definitely just that.”

Well, she always has the underwear model to fall back on. And the show. If she’s still into it, like she claims.


Nylon magazine either lost that Miley Cyrus scoop for having allowed it to leak, or they never had any interview with Miley to begin with.

It depends on who you believe: Is Nylon magazine saying that somebody made up that entire interview?

Next, they’ll tell us that characters on The Hills read from a script.