Canada to Jessica Simpson: ‘No Thanks, Eh!’

Jessica Simpson’s country-music career may have gotten a “yee-haw!” from Americans, but our neighbors to the north aren’t feeling the bumpkin love.

The Daisy Dukes-rockin’ songbird performed at the Colosseum at Caesars Windsor last night, and Windsor Star critic Ted Shaw wasn’t terribly impressed.

“With zero stage presence, a voice that only occasionally found the right note, and batch of ordinary new songs, it was all in vain,” Shaw’s poison-pen critique reads.

“Other than the catchy lead single, ‘Come On Over,’ which she saved until the end, the songs are the blandest of bland Nashville new country,” the review continued.

Ouch; the words, they sting!

Simpson may not have the best memory in the world, but it’s doubtful she’ll forget this anytime soon.