Chris Kattan Sucks at Divorce

Chris Kattan probably isn’t much in the mood for merry-making today.

TMZ reports that the Night at the Roxbury yukster will be shelling out a low six-figure sum in his divorce settlement with the intriguingly named Sunshine Tutt, to whom he was married for a mere 59 days.

According to sources, the Kattans had a prenuptial agreement that would have limited Kattan’s payout to $10,000, but a renegotiation bumped the amount up significantly.

Wow; she must have pictures of Kattan doing horrible things to a howler monkey to finagle that sort of deal. Either that, or Kattan’s attorneys are as bad at bargaining as he is at keeping up with former castmate Will Ferrell.

Tutt’s lawyer, Ronald Richards, says, “My client is very relieved that she can leave this two month marriage with some resources that will allow her to rebuild her life.”

No kidding. This guy is probably a little bit relieved too. He now has company in the World’s Unluckiest Ex-Husbands Club.

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