Drew Barrymore Piggs Out

Goodness, Drew Barrymore is a friendly gal.

Since kindly freeing up her ex-boyfriend Justin Long for Kirsten Dunst, the Charlie’s Angels star has been spreading love and God knows what else all over the place.

First there was the dark, lanky stranger that Drew was cavorting with in New York’s West Village last week.

Then she was out enjoying the nightlife with Gossip GirlsChace Crawford—amid reports that she had also been making out with Crawford’s cast-mate, Ed Westwick.

Now here she is on the Austin, Texas, set of her upcoming roller-derby epic, Whip It!, getting more than coworker close with scruffy musician Landon Pigg, who has a minor part in the film.

His part might be minor, but it appears that there was some major action going on between the two.

It might be possible that they’re rehearsing for a scene—if the flick is a direct-to-late-night Cinemax effort.

Don’t get too attached, Landon; no matter how solid things may seem, you’ll just end up as another notch on a bedpost.