Katy Perry Is a Glutton for Attention

Katy Perry Is a Glutton for Attention-photo

In the age of the Internet, reality TV and an ever-expanding need for hosts at nightclub openings, it's almost impossible for a current celebrity to become someone who used to be famous.

Still, novelty singer Katy Perry isn't taking any chances.

Just because the wily former Christian soft rocker's single "I Kissed a Girl" was the hit of summer 2008 doesn't mean she'll be invited to play on TRL in 2009.

Katy has known the sting of rejection, and it's something she'd rather not feel again.

So when she took the stage at London's Scala on Wednesday night, the compulsive performer embodied three tried-and-true staples of entertainment immortality: boobs, gimmick props and blow-up doll mouth.

Hey, not every female artist can make it on talent alone.



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  • Elrcy

    I luv u so mch Kendra, en ur family... mwaah!!

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    Love u lady! Ur awesome and I hope to meet u one day when I'm not working! Lol!

  • veronica

    Your so tiny kendra ...very pretty though.

  • Deena

    You did a great job on dwts, you look even better than you did then. What's the secret to the flat stomach? Ive had colon surgery and need my belly flat again!

  • Marichuy

    I looooooove the way you look!!! You're my example to follow! :D Love you Kendra!!!

  • Diana

    Ur so beautiful :)