New Britney Spears Song ‘Womanizer’ Is Playing Here

Us reports that Photoshop victim Britney Spears’ new single “Womanizer” has hit the airwaves, and it’s the same breathy electropop that a massive audience of devotees have come to know and love from her.

“Boy don’t try to front / I know just what gets you off,” she coos in the song. Whoa! She gets to the point!

The dance song debuted this morning on NYC’s Z-100. It sounds very much like the style she employed on her last disc, Blackout.

Check it out:


“Womanizer” is a cut off her new album, Circus, which drops in December. Britney has shot a reportedly “steamy” video for the single.

In the clip, she wears a black wig, and reportedly makes out with a businessman while seated on a kitchen counter. She then straddles him while sucking and licking cherries.

So it’s subtle fare, more suited to public television.