Sarah Michelle Geller: Buffy’s Back?

Us reports that Sarah Michelle Gellar (looking very, er, ancient Egyptian here) has just signed a deal to return to series television.

Gellar will star on the HBO series The Wonderful Maladays, which will premiere in 2009.

The busy film star is best known for her seven-year run as a perky demon hunter in the much-missed Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Buffy staked her last vamp in 2003 on the now-defunct UPN network.

In this new series, written by screenwriter Charles Randolph, Gellar portrays a dysfunctional adult who was orphaned as a child along with her two siblings.

Gellar’s character is full of “a kind of zealous immaturity—like a drug addict with a to-do list,” Randolph says.

The best part about this? Seeing Gellar swear and possibly take off her clothes! This is HBO!