Shenae Grimes Eats and Blogs for Her Haters

90210 actress Shenae Grimes has come under fire for being too skinny. She’s fighting back by eating and blogging.

Blogging is the go-to forum for actresses who want to answer critics in their own words (or the words of an assistant/publicist/intern/Mom/chained slave).

According to E!, Shanae defended her skinny frame on MySpace: “Neither me or Jessica [Stroup] have issues with our weight or bodies. I happened to be very small built, and ive always been skinny.”

Maybe she doesn’t have issues with a clavacle that could cut glass, but others clearly do

So Grimes took the battle to the streets on Thursday, placing a piece of fruit close to her teeth in full view of the paps. Are you happy now, haters? You’ve gone and made her eat.

Just watch out, world. Hell hath no fury like a really hungry girl with a blog and a classy CW show. Plus, Shenae is just kind of scary.