Vanessa Hudgens Hides Her 'High School Musical' Face

Vanessa Hudgens Hides Her 'High School Musical' Face-photo

Sometimes Vanessa Hudgens feels like showing her face. Sometimes she doesn't.

And who can blame her for being fickle with her face time? After all, Hudgie Bear's gotten in trouble for baring too much of her self before. It's even cost her some of that Disney payroll!

But things aren't too rough for the High School Musical star.

For instance, she has smoking hot Zac Efron to come home to.



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  • sexyjoy386

    I Dont blame her i wouldn't want cameras in my face 24/7!

  • Person With a Brain
    Person With a Brain

    You people are heartless and mean. How can you make such cutting remarks about a 19 year old girl? Guess you don't have any kids who are (or soon will be) teenagers.