Verne Troyer and Wee Man in Love Triangle

Verne Troyer is truly unlucky in love. His sex tape with ex-girlfriend Ranae Shrider was a big bomb. Shrider publicly mocked Mini Me’s mini-me and, unlike other xxx video stars, Verne’s nudie movie did nothing for the petite thesp’s career.

Making matters worse, Verne finally thought he had found a gal who could see past his size, Canadian model Dominique Arganes. But it turns out his size was the only thing she was interested in.

Dominique is so into the midget scene that she’s been spotted cheating in photos with Jackass star Wee Man, the New York Post reports.

But things are rosy for Dominique. Her fondess for munchkin men has scored her a job in classy Jeff Beacher’s “Beacher’s Burlesque” in Las Vegas.

Beacher told the Post, “She’s one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen, and as soon as I heard she was sleeping with every midget in town, I knew she was perfect for my show.”

Every midget in town, huh? Even him?