Winner Vs. Loser: Clay Aiken Creams Sharon Stone

Clay Aiken has a legitimate army of followers called “Claymates,” whose hopes and dreams of being with the American Idol star are bizarre to the average person. Perhaps emboldened by Lindsay Lohan’s recent lesbian revelation, the new dad finally spoke up: 

Summer ’08 hasn’t been too kind to the cougarific Sharon Stone. The fur-lovingsingle mom is dealing with a lawsuit from victims and family members affected by this spring’s Chinese earthquake, and was hit with more bad news this week: 

  • Looks like the busty blonde just wants attention, as witnesses saw her dining alone at the secluded and private Ivy restaurant on Robertson Blvd. Never heard of it
  • On Tuesday she reportedly lost custody of her 8-year-old son, Roan, as an L.A. judge ruled that the boy would be better off with ex-hubby Phil Bronstein
  • Yet, the supposedly unfit mom shrugged off the negative press and hit up Coffee Bean just a day later. Wonder who kept her up all night?