George Clooney Is The Lone Ranger

George Clooney Is The Lone Ranger-photo

While it doesn't look like George Clooney will be back on the final season of ER, fans will be able to get their fix soon enough.

The Sun is reporting that the actor has just signed on to play the Lone Ranger in the sure-to-be hit remake of the 50's TV series about the masked Texas Ranger.

It was announced earlier this week that Johnny Depp has also signed on to play Tonto in the movie, which will be writen by Pirates of the Caribbean writers Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio.

The actors have yet to appear in a film together, and this will be the perfect opportunity to see the talented and super hunky men on the big screen.

Will it be bromance at first sight?



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  • warren

    A younger man for the Lone ?Ranger---indeed ! Will George be riding in a wheelchair painted silver ? He got the roll based on his historical Hollywood " liberalism "; aka, Marxism .

  • michelle

    who has rob dyrdek dated?

  • jenny

    George looks old there and a bit frail. They need a younger man for the role.

  • bawwow

    this movie is going to be absolutely yummy