How to Live Like…Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, steamy British heartthrob and star of the upcoming romantic vampire flick Twilight, has girls crawling all over him before the film even hits theatres.

How does a former no-name Brit go from a somewhat struggling actor to one of Hollywood’s hottest?

While he did have a small role as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as well as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Pattinson’s shoot to stardom still doesn’t quite add up.

Could it be that incredibly luscious pout he’s always sporting?  Or what about that signature, smoldering stare?  Whatever it is, Robert has accrued a massive female following since word broke that he would be playing Edward Cullen, Twilight’s inhumanly sexy vampire. Again, the film hasn’t even been released yet!


Robert has yet to be photographed showing much skin, but upon Twilight’s release, fans will no doubt get an eyeful of what’s beneath the clothing.  Robert, a snowboarding, skiing and soccer enthusiast, surely put a good amount of effort into giving Twilight lovers their money’s worth when they finally glimpse of the stud on the big screen sans shirt.


Robert, a lover of all sorts of fast food, just can’t get enough of those juicy In-N-Out burgers.  Perhaps that’s the reasoning behind his move from Britain to the U.S.


With Robert’s sudden launch to fame, the star has become a fixture on the Hollywood party circuit.  Making stops at A-list events such as the Nylon Magazine launch party for 90210, the MTV Movie Awards, and the MTV Video Music Awards, the heartthrob proved that he hasn’t let the fame go to his head (yet) by humbly engaging in a few red carpet interviews.  Robert has also been frequenting Hollywood hot spots, such as Teddy’s and Le Deux, where he basks in his new role as a ladies’ man.


If the above dirt didn’t satisfy your Robert Pattinson craving, check out these fun facts about your favorite vampire!

  1. Jack Nicholson is his acting inspiration.
  2. He started playing the piano when he was three-years-old and still dreams of becoming a professional pianist.  He has also mastered the guitar.
  3. His sisters used to dress him up as a girl and call him “Claudia.”
  4. His favorite curse word is tike, an offensive British term which refers to a “crude, ill-bred person who lacks culture or refinement.”
  5. He loves American Idol.
  6. He hates when women wear UGGs (so if you want to be the next Mrs. Pattinson, it’s recommended that you toss those bulky boots in the nearest trash can).
  7. He had his first kiss when he was 12-years-old.


Robert Pattinson is sure to explode into the a-list stratosphere the moment Twilight hits the silver screen.  Don’t miss his debut in a leading role, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

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