Is Nick Lachey Ready to Take a Second Wife?

Since the 2006 confirmation of boy bander Nick Lachey’s and Vanessa Minnillo’s relationship, the couple has remained attached at the hip

The openly affectionate duo have practically become professionals at taking things one step quicker than the average couple. They began their fling before Nick’s marriage to Jessica Simpson was even cold, then moved in together after less than a year of dating.

Now Vanessa has publicly expressed her desire to make lots of Hollywood babies, but she’s jumping the gun just a tad. 

Isn’t it the norm for a proposal to come first?

Maybe that’s not exactly the case with today’s generation of young Hollywood, but Vanessa has gone on record declaring herself to be a traditional kind of gal.

Perhaps it’s time for Nick to recover from his last distastrous marriage. Just pop the question already. 

Pick up the pace!  With Vanessa’s “booming” acting career, who knows how long she has left before her busy filming schedule makes time for babymaking an impossibility!