Style Tip: It’s all About the Leather

Trends come and go in the fashion-forward world of Hollywood.

From Ugg boots, to fedoras, to trucker hats, to cowboy boots, to bangles, to headbands; no matter what celebs are wearing, before long the rest of the world is rocking the same gear. 

As the summer heat cools, more and more stars are stepping out sporting the fall’s hottest trend: Leather.

The best part about Tinseltown’s newest fad is that it comes in all shapes and sizes; skirts, jackets, pants, dresses, vests; you name it, the stars are wearing it in cowhide.

Fashion has a way of repeating itself. This is certainly not the first emergence of this popular material.  Leather has been recycling itself for, literally, centuries. Each time around, designers find ways to assimilate it into to the present’s hottest styles.

Well today’s designers have tanned the hide perfectly. It seems as though any celebrity who shows off their love for leather is looking pretty darn fabulous.

Check out the gallery to see the most-striking leather enthusiasts.