The Olsen Twins: Frenemies?

Rumors have swirled for months that Hollywood’s richest twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, are no longer on friendly terms. What’s the deal? 

Well, it seems that Ashley is sick and tired of picking up—literally— her mess of a sister. While the two used to do everything together, from photoshoots to sing-along movies (great pieces of work, BTW), the pair hasn’t been photographed in the same spot in ages. Ash has taken more control of their multimillion dollar clothing empire.

MK has had a rough year with the tragic passing of rumored hook-up Heath Ledger.

Even worse, Spencer Pratt publicly dissed her! Who can blame the fashion-victim for kicking back her Christian Louboutin heels and getting a little wasty face? It’s tough being on such an esteemed individual’s bad side. 

The world can’t go another day with these two not on friendly terms. They just need some inspiration and someone to whip them back into shape.

Full House 2.0? Hey, it worked for some other divas from the ’90s