Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan: Not Alike

Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan: Not Alike-photo

Amanda Bynes has a message for the paparazzi and the rest of the world: Don't confuse her with Lindsay Lohan.

The What I Like About You star and occasional cross-dresser was out at the Byron Williams salon with her ever-trusty pooch this weekend, when a pack of paps descended upon her as she approached her car.

After Bynes rebuffed their request for a comment on Sarah Palin, one of the photogs begged, "Don't act like Lindsay!"

Bynes adamantly replied, "I'm not like Lindsay!" before driving off. Check out the video below:



Silly paps; wasn't it already clear that Bynes isn't LiLo, due to the facts that she was carrying a dog instead of a liter of Jack Daniel's, her breath didn't smell like Samantha Ronson, and she gave you the back of her head, not the back of her hand? Duh!



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