Cody Linley: Meet the Disney

Cody Linley: Meet the Disney-photo

Cody Linley has been in the news lately for his late night rendezvous with serial dater Miley Cyrus, but he's much more than a pretty face. 

Born on November 20, 1989, in Lewisville, Texas, Cody has been in movies like Hoot and has a recurring role as "Jake Ryan" in the hit Disney show Hannah Montana with stars like Miley, Emily Osment, Mitchell Musso and Jason Earles

He's got a busy fall ahead of him, as he's competing on this season of Dancing With The Stars with partner Julianne Hough. The 17-year-old is the youngest contestant in the seven year history of the show, strutting his stuff against the likes of Kim Kardashian and Lance Bass.

While it looks like Miley has moved on with a new and more experienced man, it's doubtful that the young hottie is lacking in the girl department. 

Check out Cody's debut performance on DWTS:

Wow! Looks like he could show a certain someone a thing for her money!



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