Did Jeremy Piven Try to Pick Up Hayden Panettiere?

Is Jeremy Piven the new James Woods?

According to Star, the 43-year-old Entourage actor was sniffing around 19-year-old barely-legal actress Hayden Panettiere at a post-Emmy’s party.

“He was trying to be charming and kept saying he ‘wanted to show her around town’,”  a partygoer told the magazine. “But Hayden soon excused herself and escaped.”

Jeremy is a proud lawbreaker. Maybe he believed Hayden was underage and he was just trying to maintain his cred as an outlaw?

Before Piven rubs up against another young starlet, he may want to meet with Woods and get some pointers from the old hound dog.

Or better yet, join in on those cougar lunches with Sharon Stone at the Ivy, Jeremy!