Jessica Alba Looks, Uh, Happy-ish

Wow! Apparently food really is the one thing that can wipe the perma-scowl off of Jessica Alba’s face.

The new mom—who admits that she “turn[s] into Satan when I don’t eat,” hit the grocery store with her genetically-surly daughter Honor Marie Warren in Los Angeles this weekend.

The proximity to nutrients seemed to have kind of/sort of/from the right angle made her look like she might not want to kill everyone within a 50-foot radius of her. For about four seconds.

Even Honor Marie seemed to take a break from pretending she was auditioning for a sequel to The Exorcist.

That’s the spirit, Jessica! Way to turn that frown upside-dow…uh, straighten it out a little bit, at least.

And if that turns out to be too much effort in the long run, you could always slap some black electrical tape over your pout. In fact, that might actually be preferable.