Blake Lively's Secret Shame Revealed!

Blake Lively's Secret Shame Revealed!-photo

Whoa! Looks like the usually monastic Blake Lively really is turning over a racy new leaf.

The Gossip Girl fave brazenly swapped spit with co-star John Patrick Amedori in the middle of Times Square in New York today.

But the bingo-loving thespian doesn't seem to have completely lost her shame; faced with the paparazzi's questioning lenses, Lively covered her face and tried to evade them as she and boyfriend Penn Badgley caught a cab.

Nice try, little lady, but if super-swift High School Musical star Zac Efron can't outrun the paps in his moment of shame, you don't stand a chance. Especially if, as your boyfriend has hinted, you've been packing on the pounds lately.


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  • buzzgent

    Only three of his fingers are accounted for in that pic. Sucks to be Penn.


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