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  • suzy mendes
    suzy mendes

    Que lindoo...o seu filho é muito fofo..os cabelos cachiados sao iguais do meu bebe..tenho um filho de 4 anos se chama lohan david... beijos linda!!

  • Valerie l m
    Valerie l m

    Love yo show kendra!! U rock my world.frm africa(zambia)

  • Tonya

    Hey girl. Love the pics. Wow hank is growing so fast. My little austin will be 3 soon. Time flies huh?! Tonya from Fort Wayne, IN

  • Queen

    Happy father's day hanks, kendra, u'ar such a luck giri to have good hubby and a caring father 2 yr son. Luv u guy, and stay cool. Yr fan 4rm nigeria. Queen

  • adewoyin

    Kendra,the shape of ur family used to inspired me.indeed the unique styles you incorporated to the Fashion world can not quantify. Pls keep it up.

  • Mona

    Congrats to both of you darling! Shout out from your Tanzanian biggest fan!

  • nelly

    Awesome!hank,you have such a wonderful family

  • angela wallace
    angela wallace

    You guys are so cute!!!!!

  • lesa schallick
    lesa schallick

    U are truly blessed kendra- beautiful healthy baby and an awesome hubby/dad. Love seein ur pics and show :)

  • Deone Rose
    Deone Rose

    Happy Father's Day to Hank. Pics are great. It's nice to a father and together. Have fun

  • Jillian

    beautiful pics. Nothing makes my heart melt then seeing my husband with my son! Enjoy this wonderful day with your awesome fam!

  • vonnee213

    Happy Fathers Day Hank. Kendra u have such a beautiful family and u look great gurl

  • Carla Cabral
    Carla Cabral

    Awww!how sweet,I love seeing fathers with their children.u have 2 of the most goregous babes.

  • Heidi

    I have to comment on the one with the 'boys' walking side by side, its too darn cute!

  • slim

    Luv you kendra...hapi fathers day hank you guyz really luk cute togther have a great day:)

  • Debbie Wisler
    Debbie Wisler

    I think the three of you are just adorable together love the show. Happy daddys day Hank.

  • KatieGoodpaster

    Kendra, ur my idol, just thought Id pet u know that...I read ur book, and it was great, one of my faves :)

  • Tammy

    Kendra U are a sweet mom & wife, time 2 give Baby Hank a l'l sister Kendra!!