DJ AM’s Funeral for a Friend

The good news for DJ AM: He’s up and walking after the plane crash he survived on September 20 in Columbia, South Carolina.

The bad news: He had to attend the funeral of friend Chris Baker, who died in the crash.

AM (real name: Adam Goldstein), who was released from Doctors Hospital in Augusta, Georgia, late last week, was among the more than 300 people who mourned for Baker at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Hollywood yesterday.

The 29-year-old Baker, who went by the nickname “Lil’ Chris,” was a close friend to both Goldstein and drummer Travis Barker, who was also involved in the crash, and had served as Barker’s assistant for several years.

According to People magazine, Goldstein, whose neck burns were visible above his shirt collar, wore green to honor Baker at the request of Baker’s widow, Otillia Villar. Green had been Baker’s favorite color.

Barker, who was released yesterday from the same burn unit as Goldstein was in, is currently in transit to California via a bus and was unable to attend.

“Travis felt so bad to have missed [the service],” a source told People.