Is Britney Spears Still Too Nuts to Stand Trial?

Britney Spears is likely wigging out over her upcoming trial for her midemeanor charge of driving without a valid California license last October.

J. Michael Flanagan, Britney’s lawyer, has been trying to work his mojo on L.A. Superior Court judge James A. Steele to get him to toss the charge. But so far it’s been to no avail.

Flanagan’s latest attempt, TMZ reports, apparently involves him telling the judge that Spears isn’t quite right in the noggin yet—as evidenced by her continued conservatorship with father Jamie.

“According to the docs, she’s still not totally with it. Brit is ‘unable to participate meaningfully in her defense’,” says the site.

However, TMZ also notes that the conservatorship may end next month.

Looks like Britney’s life may end up being a circus again…in more ways than one.