Beyoncé: Acting Schedule Pushes Album Release

Beyonce’s new album was supposed to be at her label today to ensure a November 18th release.  The songstress’s songs never came, reports the The New York Daily News.

Why the delay? Perhaps Mrs. Jay-Z’s divided attentions are to blame. The beauty icon has been acting up a storm lately, including portraying Etta James in the upcoming film Cadillac Records. Plus her stint as L’Oreal’s pale cover girl.

Other obstacles to timely completion? Working with a slew of other artists (Justin Timberlake, Jay Brown and Ty Ty [Tyran Smith]) and their schedules.

Still, the chief of Sony BMG Music, Rob Stringer, insists the record will be out more or less on time.

“Beyoncé is incredibly hardworking, and [the album] is 97% to 98% done. It’ll be out before November 20. Frankly, we think the whole record is going to be huge,” he told the Daily News.

With all the work she has to do, does Beyonce ever get to enjoy her New York estate?