Britney Spears: Not Too Cool for School

Continuing her New York jaunt, Britney Spears stopped by John Philip Sousa Middle School 142 in the Bronx today to present a $10,000 check to be used as an endowment for the school’s year-old music program, reports People.

The money comes from Elizabeth Arden, the company that distributes Spears’ fragrances.

Funny what a difference one year can make; if this were the old Britney, she’d probably be out promoting her sex tape…though, hopefully not at a middle school.

While there, Britney watched a performance by the school’s eight-piece band and was serenaded by a girl’s chorus, including a 14-year-old soloist who sang “I Am Woman.”

Hey, now, little lady—this isn’t Lindsay Lohan you’re warbling to!

“It was amazing,” Brit said of her day with the kids. “I was very impressed.”

That’s great and all, but here’s hoping none of the students follow precisely in her footsteps.