Isla Fisher Is Way More Normal Than Her Babydaddy

Here’s Australian actress Isla Fisher and her daughter Olive spending a normal day in West Hollywood.

After seeing this everyday look at them, it’s hard to believe that Olive’s daddy and Isla’s fiance, actor/humorist Sacha Baron Cohen (a/k/a Borat; a/k/a Bruno), is currently halfway around the world terrorizing the fashion community.

Sacha was pinched by the Italian police in Milan after he crashed the Agata dell Lulz Prada runway last week.

He’s playing the new character in Bruno: Delicious Journeys Through America for the Purpose of Making Heterosexual Male.

Isla and Olive seem to take it in stride that Dad is a funny, if arrest-prone, wackjob.

Mama is even reportedly converting to Judaism for him.