Morning Frills #64: ‘Sexy Like a Fox’ Edition

Megan Fox’s movie career gets more and more promising by the day—for the actress herself, and the guys who’ll be going to her upcoming movies.

The equal-opportunity seductress—who’s poised to become her generation’s next great action star—can get pulses racing without CGI-created explosions too.

Witness these promo stills from her next release, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People. The Simon Pegg-starring book adaptation already promises to present a dripping-wet Megan gallivanting in a swimming pool. And now, it appears, she’ll also be sexing it up elsewhere in the flick, sashaying through a party scene in little more than a frilly brassiere.

When the movie receives its October 3 American release, it will no doubt be immediately recognized as the Citizen Kane of luscious, bra-bolstered cleavage.

Until then, click through the gallery on the right for more How to Lose Friends Megan Fox goodness. She might not gain many pals in the film’s plot, but she’ll definitely be winning hearts.