Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows Some Skin

Egads; it was already obvious that Catherine Zeta-Jones’ near-geriatric hubby, Michael Douglas, was sucking the youth right out of her.

But as these shocking photos from last night’s 2008 Global Leadership Awards Gala at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York indicate, the process has been proceeding at a rate that nobody could have imagined.

Good God, Cathy—are those gin blossoms? Or did you just place your face  directly against the bulb of a tanning lamp for, oh, 20 hours or so?

And this is the woman who represents Elizabeth Arden’s Intervene line, which supposedly “addresses first signs of aging and helps maintain skin’s radiance and natural glow”?

Perhaps the company should start looking for a more youthful face to represent its line.