Cody Linley Holds Breath Waiting for Miley Cyrus

Poor Cody Linley. He may have had one night of high-speed fumbling with Hanna Montana castmate Miley Cyrus, but apparently he hasn’t gotten the memo yet that she’s off the market.

Linley tells Us, “I talked to Miley the other day and said, ‘Hey, homey, I’m going to your birthday party, so you need to come see me on Dancing with the Stars!'”

Sure, Cody. You keep that chin up! She’ll show, don’t worry.

“She is super busy, but she is definitely planning on coming to see me!”

Of course she is, man. You keep shuffling those feet, and Miley will be there before you know it.

Hey, maybe it’d help if you took your pants off…?