Lindsay and Sam Take Off Their Bikinis

Wearing considerably more clothes than they’ve recently been spotted in, Lindsay Lohan and her maybe/maybe not girlfriend Samantha Ronson arrived at Los Angeles International Airport yesterday following their bikini-happy sojourn to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

Ronson, with her hooded sweatshirt, mop of unkempt hair and slouched demeanor, appeared to be channeling Superbad star Michael Cera.

Lindsay, in her sunglasses, black ensemble and elf boots, appeared to be channeling someone who was desperately trying not to hit someone.

Why the dramatic cover-ups? Perhaps Lindsay and Sam, like many gay-friendly celebs, are attempting to defeat the gay-marriage ban that California’s Proposition 8 would bring.

Imagine the ads: “Listen, America, you’ve already been warned with photos of Sam in a bikini. If you don’t get out there and vote ‘No’ on Prop 8 in November, the thongs are coming out!”

How could that not get Californians to the voting booths in droves?