The Vince Vaughn Workout!

It’s been said that there are no small parts, only small actors.

Vince Vaughn is not one of those small actors.

And now you, too, can gain the impressive body of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

Take note, as Vince endures his occasional workout in the hills of Los Angeles.

Most importantly, one must maintain a safe—some would say catatonic—pace, as if one is being careful not to step on any ants in one’s path.

Secondly—and this is crucial—one must stare down at one’s gut and quietly curse at it.

Since this can be grueling, make sure to stop frequently and replenish yourself with a healthy snack.

And go ahead; reward yourself with a smoke. It’s a great appetite suppressant!

Next week: Blasting your abs with John Goodman!