VIDEO: Jessica Simpson: Orange, Crushed

Jessica Simpson seemed out of sorts as she left West Hollywood eatery Madeo last night with friends—and not the charmingly ditzy out-of-sorts that the world has come to expect from the “chicken or tuna” gal.

As a pack of photogs crowded in to snap her pic, Jess, bedecked in an orange dress, was the disoriented deer to the camera flashes’ headlights.

Could she still be stunned by her recent encounter with bright, shiny objects?

Is a love interest from the past weighing on her mind?

Maybe she’s still reeling from the wholesale rejection she suffered from Canuck country fans?

Or is she merely still depleted from her recent grueling math lesson?

Check out video documentation of the public perplexity below:


Whatever it is that’s befuddling the multi-faceted media sensation, perhaps a brisk workout will help to clear her head.