Gym-Challenged Sam Ronson Is a Natural Beauty

Slim and glamorous Samantha Ronson recently sent the blogosphere into an electronic synapse-popping frenzy when she was snapped cavorting in a bikini in Mexico, with her dame Lindsay Lohan.

Such enchanting beauty rocked the people at People to their very core, and so they had to know: How did this fox get so, well, foxy?

“No gym—well, not in the last five years,” admits the natural knockout. “All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!”

That’s no joke, as her super-producer brother Mark is quite easy on the ol’ peepers, too.

But, no, really, Sam—how do you stay so thin? “Sprinting through airports to catch flights,” she tells the mag, before self-deprecatingly adding, “I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!”

Sam, you wicked little minx! What will the children think?