Lauren Conrad’s Fashion Flop

Hills vixen Lauren Conrad may know how to wring mega-bucks from television producers, but convincing the clothes-wearing public to buy her threads is another matter.

The New York Post reports that Conrad’s clothing line has been dying on the racks at the 59th Street Bloomingdale’s in New York.

“The racks of Lauren’s line were over-stuffed with clothes,” a Bloomie’s shopper told the paper. A fashion insider confirms, “Her line is not selling.”

Meanwhile, Los Angeles boutique Kitson—which recently started donating excess inventory of Conrad’s fashion line to charity—”has 12 bins of Lauren Conrad clothing sitting in the warehouse.”

Conrad shouldn’t be all that upset about the retail rejection of her line.  After all, according to rumors, she doesn’t even really design her own clothes.

Besides, Lauren can still exert her influence on the fashion world. After all, it’s not always what you wear, but how you wear it.

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