Sean Combs Is The King of Smells

Sean Combs may have a hard time figuring out what to call himself (Diddy? Puffy? Daddy?), but he has no doubt as to his royal status.

The hip-hop mogul and unlucky pedestrian, whose last fragrance was called Unforgivable Black, has apparently forgiven himself. And then some. His new scent is the graciously titled I Am King.

But the royal title isn’t just about the Puffmeister, who’s been known to douse himself in his own scented creations after waxing his “privates.”

“I Am King is a statement about all men,” said Combs, during an interview at his Manhattan Bad Boy Entertainment offices, according to Womens Wear Daily.

Just as long as all men remember, P. Daffy is number one when it comes to the ladies.

The royal aroma launches exclusively at Macy’s in December.

Here’s hoping it smells better than this.

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