Ali Lohan Not Getting the Wright Stuff

Despite earlier claims, Ali Lohan won’t be repped by music super-manager Johnny Wright, the man responsible for the careers of the Jonas Brothers and Justin Timberlake.

Last week, toxic stage mom Dina Lohan had told the New York Post through a rep that Wright had expressed interest in Ali’s so-far-flatlining musical ambitions, and that they were contemplating a meeting.

Today, Wright’s company, Wright Entertainment Group, shot back to the paper in no uncertain terms that the proposed alliance is a work of fiction.

“Johnny Wright has never met with Ali Lohan, has never been introduced to Ali Lohan, nor has he had a meeting with Ali or Dina Lohan regarding Ali’s music career,” a statement to the Post reads. “While he wishes Ali Lohan the best in all her endeavors, Mr. Wright has never had any intention of speaking with Ali Lohan regarding her career. Any story that has surfaced about such a meeting holds no merit and is completely false.”

What? Dina Lohan, behaving in a less-than-noble manner? Someone pass the smelling salts.

Don’t worry though, Ali; you can pobably still find willing business partners among certain members of the porn community.