Drew Barrymore: Not Terribly Lonely These Days

Drew Barrymore’s been pretty busy since breaking things off with one-time rumored fiancé Justin Long.

There’s been the mystery man in New York. Various male members of the Gossip Girl cast. Her Whip It! co-star Landon Pigg.

And now there’s another unknown guy, with whom notorious serial dater Drew gallivanted all over Hollywood yesterday.

The pair, who hung thisclose to each other throughout the day, grabbed some joe at a Coffee Bean near the Hollywood Walk of Fame before hitting up a low-key Chinese restaurant in the Silverlake area of Los Angeles.

Wow; and here, Justin’s new gal Kirsten Dunst worries that she’s been pouring on the sexy a little too thick.

Don’t linger too long with this new guy, Drew; there’s probably some homeless dude living under a freeway ramp somewhere who hasn’t yet had the honor of joining the Drew Barrymore Ex-Boyfriends Club yet. Time’s a-wasting!

UPDATE: Barrymore’ mystery man is Barry Mendel, a bigtime producer who will be shepherding the actress’ directorial debut Whip It!, starring Ellen Page.

A Mendel source tells us that producer, famous for his collaborations with Wes Anderson, is “perpetually single but likely not dating [Drew].”