Miley Cyrus Has a Very Disney Sweet 16

Miley Cyrus Has a Very Disney Sweet 16-photo

Miley Cyrus had a typical Sweet 16 birthday party on Sunday night—you know, by shutting down Disneyland and entertaining hundreds of guests.

The Hannah Montana star's birthday is actually November 23, but who's counting?

People reports that celebrities such Demi Lovato, Tyra Banks and David Archuleta were on hand for the proceedings.

"This is the most amazing sweet 16 that a girl could have!" the tanned-for-the-occasion Cyrus declared as she took the stage to perform.

Miley's boy toy Justin Gaston joined her, dad Billy Ray and older sister Brandi to sing Billy's "Achy Breaky Heart."

But the starlet wasn't happy with just performing and leaving.

"Its been a long night,” she said, “but I'm still ready to party and ride some rides!," she said at midnight.

She might've also had to make time for giving dirty looks to Selena Gomez's best friend Demi.



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  • buzzgent

    The REAL fun began Mickey made David Archuleta a Rohypnoltini.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Poor, disadvantaged girl...

  • dtouchette

    Wow...I wonder how much money Disney lost to make a little girls dream come true?

  • nikkiphoto

    mileys shoes do not match the dress and that bothers me

  • dancodesigns

    Mickey needs to stop staring at her tits, perv!